I love discovering ways to solve problems, improve relationships, and live well—and helping others do the same!

Hi, I’m Teresa, and I am a life and family coach, as well as a writer and speaker. 

My husband and I have four grown children. In addition, we were licensed foster parents for over 20 years, caring for more than 50 children in our home during that time and adopting two of our kids through the foster care system. This has blessed us with the opportunity to personally work with kids with all different backgrounds, ethnicities, personalities, strengths, and challenges. I know through personal experience that many parenting issues are extremely difficult to understand if you haven’t lived with them yourself.

I have personally parented kids with ADHD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and multiple learning disabilities and behaviour issues. Additionally, since two of my children are adopted (one as a preschooler and one as an older teen), we have experienced the considerations that adoption brings into a family. I also have experience with children in all kinds of schooling situations, including homeschool, public school, alternative school, and online school. 

For the first 15 years of our marriage, I worked as a freelance writer and speaker. I then took a break to concentrate on my own family’s needs and the needs of the foster children living in our home. In those years, we faced some serious challenges as a family. And during that time, I researched parenting and marriage topics, sought out professionals and mentors, attended trainings, and networked with other parents, foster parents, and adoptive parents. Through this time, I became even more passionate about sharing the information I was learning with others and decided to become trained to be a life and family coach.

While being a parent has been immensely rewarding, my most fulfilling relationship has been the relationship I share with my husband. However, it didn’t take too many days of marriage to realize that life together wasn’t going to be a stroll in the park! Through our more than 30 years together, we have experienced many ups and downs and have had to continue to learn and grow together. 

I love working with couples to help them through both big and small challenges to create a committed, meaningful, fun, and supportive relationship together and to have happy homes. And I love working with parents because I know how challenging parenting can be, and I have seen how even small shifts in parenting can make a huge difference in the lives of kids. I also love working with teens and young adults to help them navigate all the challenges in today’s world and support them in getting off to the right start as they launch into adulthood. And I enjoy working with older adults to help them get unstuck, revive their passion, and figure out their next steps in living a life of purpose and meaning. 

I received my coaching certificate through Impact Academy, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited school and have completed additional training through Light University, the education division of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).

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