One-on-One Life and Family Coaching

If you are facing a life or family challenge, I would love to work with you! I offer flexible, affordable one-on-one coaching for individuals, couples, young adults, and families, both in-person and through video conferencing. I am located in south Overland Park in the Kansas City area, but I work with clients throughout the United States and beyond. Although I enjoy getting together with clients in-person, I have found that video conferencing can be equally effective, and even local clients many times prefer it because of convenience. 

You don’t have to stay stuck, struggling along on your own. I love helping people get out of frustration and discouragement, find new perspectives, gain momentum, and make progress in their lives and relationships. As is often said, “if we want something different, we have to do something different.” Working with a coach is a great place to start in helping you find new ways to approach whatever you are dealing with to bring the changes that you want into your life.

Interested in finding out more? I offer a complimentary, 20-minute consultation, and I would love the opportunity to get to know you and see if working together would be a good fit for your situation. And, regardless of whether we decide to work together or not, my goal in this call is that you will come away with additional ideas, insight, and encouragement from our conversation.

What You Can Expect

I have worked with many counselors and coaches through the years. Some were very helpful, and to be honest, some were not. So, when I became a coach, I determined that I wanted to learn from those experiences to bring together the best from all of those and be the coach that I would have wanted to work with. These are the characteristics you can expect from me as a coach

  • Encouraging. My goal is that you will come away from our time together feeling refreshed and encouraged.
  • Client-Directed. I will listen to your goals and respect your priorities. You are the expert when it comes to your life and your family. I will listen and ask questions to understand the situation and what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past. I won’t assume I know what is best for you, and I will let you set the pace. A prospective client once told me she wasn’t ready to work with a coach yet because she was so overwhelmed and didn’t want to be assigned a bunch of tasks that she wasn’t ready for. That is not how I work. When you are feeling overwhelmed, that is a great time to start working together because I can help you get relief from feeling overwhelmed first and then work with you from there to reach your goals at your own pace.
  • Goal-Driven. We will walk together through the process of identifying your priorities and setting goals based on those priorities. We will set specific goals for our sessions and strategically work toward those goals, while still including flexibility to pursue subjects that come up as you feel the need. At the end of each session, we will circle back to discuss progress toward your goals, any action steps you want to take, and what accountability would be helpful for you to have.
  • Faith-friendly. If you wish to integrate faith into our coaching sessions, I welcome the opportunity to explore faith-based perspectives to provide support and encouragement.
  • Flexible. I offer both in-person and video conferencing, so local clients even can choose which works best for them for each individual session. I also know that sometimes situations come up when it is very helpful to be able to schedule an extra session on short notice. So, I make it very easy to request short-notice appointments and work hard to meet with clients as soon as possible in these situations. Unlike many coaches, I am available to work with both parents, teenagers, and young adults. So, if you would like me to meet with both you and your child, together or separately, I am happy to do that.
  • Affordable.  I know coaching can be extremely valuable, so it is important to me to keep my rates low to be accessible to more people. My sessions last 50-minutes, and my current rate is only $75 for a daytime session and $90 for a session beginning after 5 p.m. 

Client Testimonials

“Honestly working with you was wonderful and exactly what we needed….You got us both from literally at divorcing
to having hope and promise for the future. I especially appreciate how you actually truly cared about us and our future….
We would probably be separated and filed for divorce without your help.”

“Teresa helped me to realize my goals for, not only my career, but also to consider how my career fits in with my family life. She was able to bring a new perspective and helped me to sort through all the many options, as I was considering next steps for my career. Teresa is absolutely wonderful to work with, super easy to talk to and brings a comforting atmosphere to planning your goals for your life.
I can’t recommend Teresa enough!” 

“Teresa was absolutely terrific in coaching my teenage daughter and I through the communication skills to keep our relationship in tact and growing toward her eventual launch into adulthood! Teresa was a great listener and, at the same time, my daughter and I were both able to learn so much from her words of wisdom and put her ideas to practical use in our everday interactions with each other. I can finally see a light at the end after years of struggling with my teen! Thank you, Teresa! My daughter and I actually love spending time together now!”

“Teresa opened up a whole new world for my husband and me. She is a wonderful listener and helped me see things from a different perspective and celebrate the small victories. I would highly recommend her.”

“One of the best investments and choices I’ve made in my life is acquiring a life coach. Teresa always showed the best interest
for my process and accompanied me through important life choices. She always challenged me to think further, ask the right questions,
and commit to my process.” 

“Teresa has been such a blessing to my young adult daughter! Just over a year ago, my daughter was struggling so much with anxiety and lack of confidence that she didn’t feel like she would be able to work any job that wasn’t work-from-home. Now, she has a wonderful in-office job and so many awesome friends. In addition, she is jumping into so many new activities that previously would have been completely out of her comfort zone. The availability of Teresa and the guidance she has given to my daughter has truly been life changing!”

“Using a step-by-step game plan, Teresa taught me effective strategies for navigating my relationship with my adult son still living at home and the parenting complications associated with old patterns of relating in my marriage. She didn’t dwell on the past and how things got so messed up but focused on the future and how to put together a plan to move forward and make progress. She has unique insight into using language, words, and tone of voice to bring change in the relationship. She is extremely knowledgable and selflessly shares her many resources gathered from her own experience and her training.” 

“Teresa is a God-send! This past year has been very difficult relating to my teenage daughter. Teresa has helped me see a different perspective, take responsibility for what is in my control and to release what is not in my control. She is very knowledgable and is a great resource. I highly recommend her!” 

“Teresa’s life coaching has positively influenced my life in significant and measurable ways….I can attest to the fact that my work and personal lives each have improved….She has helped me develop enhanced organizational skills that are now daily habits. I am routinely checking off my ‘To Do’s’  rather than having a mounting number of ‘Round Tuits’ keep piling up….Teresa has helped me turn ambitions into actual accomplishments, and I highly recommend her.”