Looking for Premarital Counseling?

Welcome to Your Path to a Stronger Future Together

As a relationship coach, I am committed to helping couples build a solid foundation for their future together. I provide confidential, compassionate coaching for engaged couples and couples considering becoming engaged to help explore relationship strengths and weaknesses, improve communication, and prepare for a fulfilling life together.

The Benefits

Marriage is one of life’s most significant commitments. Premarital counseling offers you the tools and insights necessary to navigate this journey with confidence and understanding. Some benefits—

    • Enhance Communication: Learn effective communication strategies to ensure your thoughts and feelings are heard and understood.
    • Resolve Conflicts: Discover healthy ways to address and resolve conflicts, ensuring minor disagreements don’t turn into major issues.
    • Understand Each Other Better: Gain deeper insights into each other’s personalities, strengths, and areas for growth.
    • Plan for Your Financial Future: Develop a shared approach to managing finances, setting goals, and planning for the future.
    • Strengthen Emotional Connection: Build a deeper emotional bond through exercises and activities that promote intimacy and trust.

According to a study published in the Journal of Family Psychology, couples who participate in premarital counseling have a 31% lower chance of divorce.

The Prepare and Enrich Assessment

Prepare and Enrich is one of the most respected relationship assessments worldwide and has been used by over 5 million couples. As a certified Prepare and Enrich facilitator, I use the Prepare and Enrich program to give you personalized insights into your relationship for a deep understanding of relationship dynamics, personality compatibility, and potential relationship tensions. This allows us to personalize each session together to work on the areas that will be of most help to you.

  • Customized Assessment: Receive a comprehensive analysis of your relationship’s strengths and growth areas with questions that customize to your unique backgrounds, situation, preferences, and priorities.
  • Tailored Sessions: Benefit from personalized coaching sessions that address your unique needs and concerns.
  • Practical Tools and Exercises: Engage in practical exercises designed to enhance your relationship skills and deepen your connection.
  • Ongoing Support: Access continuous support and resources to help you maintain a healthy relationship long after the coaching sessions are over.

The Process

    1. Initial Consultation: Meet with me for a free initial consultation to discuss your goals and learn more about the coaching process.
    2. Assessment: Complete the Prepare and Enrich assessment to provide a detailed overview of your relationship dynamics.
    3. Personalized Coaching: Participate in personalized coaching sessions where we’ll work together on specific areas to strengthen your relationship.
    4. Ongoing Growth: Continue to receive support and resources to ensure your relationship continues to thrive.

Is this a faith-based program?

While Prepare and Enrich is a wonderful choice for Christian couples wanting to explore faith-based topics together, it is not exclusively a faith-based program. Prepare and Enrich is a widely-used and recognized relationship assessment tool designed to help couples of all backgrounds strengthen their relationships. Couples are able to customize the program based on their unique needs and values.

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